ICPO Membership

The ICPO Foundation has launched its ICPO Membership Program at the 2nd ICPO Forum 2021 in Munich. This program provides unique benefits to its future individual, corporate, and institutional members.

Please find further information about the ICPO Membership Program here.

The main benefits you may expect from signing up for an ICPO Membership are summarized below and are dependent on the type of membership.

1. As an individual, join the inclusive and leading ICPO Community made of stake-holders from the whole Radiomolecular Precision Oncology (RPO) including the whole theranostics spectrum, from patients to industry, from research to associations, from finance to philanthropy. ICPO Community will operate as a network, seeding and disseminating latest and most specific information aiming at facilitating patient access worldwide. Communication vehicles will be for instance the bi-annual conferences as well as thematic hybrid-format meetings, where members would have opportunities to present their approaches or simply to attend at some discounted fee.

2. As a medical doctor (nuclear medicine physician, oncologist, radiation oncologist), radiochemist, medical physics expert or basic scientist), become eligible to scientific research grants applications, and related awards, for cutting-edge projects bringing innovation to the RPO forefront, such as first-in-human radionuclide therapy, unprecedented combined therapeutic approaches, genetic cancer profile registry development, etc. Moreover, ICPO has constituted a world-class Scientific Advisory Board chaired by Professor R. P. Baum. For more details on the composition of the Scientific Advisory Board, please consult the News section on the home page of the Forum website.

3. As a patient, who you have been diagnosed with cancer, the ICPO Foundation brings an easily accessible pool of information and resources, available directly or via reference to partner foundations and associations, to build your understanding and confidence in your treatment options. Thanks to ICPO you become an active participant in your treatment along with your care team and increase your medical awareness so you may better manage your symptoms and make informed choices based on latest technology advances including RPO. ICPO strongly believes patients are essential drivers to develop and empower its community.

4. As a hospital manager and clinical staff in a well-established organization in the field of RPO, position your core RPO Center as a ICPO Center of Excellence and contribute to share your local medical expertise and clinical experience in terms of advanced RPO technologies with new international centers and colleagues with desire to be adequately guided and trained in the best interest of patients.

5. As a hospital manager and clinical staff in a new or growing organization, introduce your new or planned RPO Center as a ICPO Candidate Center and access a pool of medical expertise and clinical experience in terms of advanced PO technologies from world-class ICPO Centers of Excellence so you are adequately guided and trained in the best interest of your future patients. Becoming an ICPO Center triggers a certification to be recognized by world organizations, which eases staff recruitment and in turn patient access.

6. As a hospital manager and clinical staff in a new or growing organization, be granted special conditions to join the ICPO Academy featuring from basic to advanced e-learning modules designed and taught by world-class experts and aimed for physicians, physicists, radiochemists and nurses. Fueled by its valuable network of ICPO Centers of Excellence, the ICPO Academy responds to diverse needs for best-in-class clinical practices and processes as well as to building full awareness in terms of latest advances in RPO technologies and theranostics. The ICPO Academy is set up as a certifying curriculum to be recognized by world organizations, which staff and patients will value.

7. As a RPO and theranostics industry player, ICPO Foundation will provide you through the above benefits with a deeper and wider visibility on the needs of the RPO Community worldwide and a chance to actively participate with a philanthropic mindset. Last but not least, the ICPO conferences, meetings and all events organized by ICPO Foundation will come at a discounted fee and will be an extra opportunity for you to showcase your technologies and disclose some visionary ideas in a philanthropic environment allowing to network with local stakeholders at initial project stages and to possibly tailor your next generation products and services in the best interest of patient access worldwide.

ICPO Membership

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