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Sponsors List

Sponsors List

Company City Country  
ITM Isotope Technologies Munich SE Garching/Munich Germany
3B Pharmaceuticals GmbH Berlin Germany
AAA - Advances Accelerator Applications Bonn Germany
Eckert & Ziegler Medical Berlin Germany
Hermes Medical Solutions Stockholm Sweden
Isotopia Molecular Imaging Petah Tikva Israel
Oncidium Foundation   Belgium
OncoBeta GmbH Garching/Munich Germany
PentixaPharm GmbH Würzburg Germany
POINT Biopharma Indianapolis USA
POLATOM Otwock Poland
RadioMedix Houston (Texas) USA
Scintomics Molecular,
Applied Theranostics Technologies GmbH
Fürstenfeldbruck Germany
Siemens Healthineers Erlangen Germany
Telix Pharmaceuticals Melbourne Australia
United Imaging Healthcare Shanghai China


Pharmaceutical Code of Practise

Please find below the contribution of the members of the Pharmaceutical Codes of Practice according to the respective rules and transparency regulations:

Company Contribution Sponsoring
AAA - Advances Accelerator Applications 2.500,00 € Hybrid Sponsoring Package
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